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Lecture at Design Society, Shekou, Shenzhen

Last Tuesday I was invited by Ole Bouman, director of Design Society in Shekou, a fabulous new design museum in Shenzhen (China), to give a lecture. For me it was a great opportunity to tell about Droog’s design mentality of redefining and rethinking fixed notions which diverse people have of their daily living environments and how this mentality could be applied to everything: from screw to city. This is what we’ve always done throughout the years when creating new products. And now in that same spirit we’re focused with our program Design+Desires on tracing, developing and designing new opportunities for urban living conditions for a variety of people, all with their own dreams and wishes. It is all about revealing the city that is hidden in the city we see on the surface, it is all about harvesting and nourishing the dreams and desires of its citizens!

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