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We need to seize the moment

It’s already the last week for the exhibition ‘Subject to Change’ by Superflux. From next week this noteworthy show will be traveling to the Barbican Centre in London, and other places in the world.

Only three days left. So you have to hurry if you haven’t seen this exhibition yet. I invite you to watch the films and see how a dinner could be set for all kinds of creatures, such as a wasp, a fox, a pigeon, a mushroom…and humans. See how carefully each seat at the table has been detailed.

I am very delighted to have hosted Superflux’ first solo exhibition ever. What really attracts me in their work was, how their love for simply making things of found materials is combined with speculative storytelling and continuous engagement.

“We need to seize this moment. We need to build a future together. A future where our differences don’t divide us but make us stronger.”

- Superflux Studio

Yes, we need to seize the moment. And we do. Next week, Monday 11 April, the finale of POWER TO THE PLANET - FAST FORWARD by Studio Zeitgeist will take place @droog. Together with writer and activist Eva Rovers and participation expert and practical idealist Natasja van den Berg, we will explore a future with room for all life on earth. Even for us. Make sure you're there and contribute to the revolution!

See you soon!


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