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The Odd Uneven Time

August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not born yet. The odd uneven time”

– Sylvia Plath

As summer is getting to an end, it is the right time to update you for the new season. CAN REON is in its swirl with an upcoming event and wild life installation and so is Droog Gallery.with a new exhibition featuring Olphaert den Otter.

First an announcement: due to unforeseen circumstances CAN REON festival is postponed to May 2023. Yes, a pity but nevertheless on the 9th of September we still have CAN REON Event#1 with a double bill: the Trio Marco Mezquida and Marc Parrot.

CAN REON Event #1

Piano prodigy Marco Mezquida from Catalunya brings a playful mix of jazz, classical, and flamenco together with his trio including cello and drums. His new album Letter to Milos will be performed during event#1. It was created in the first year of his son’s life. The album is an ode to his child, and it encompasses all the styles he has explored that year. From latin to progressive pop. But also romantic music of composers such as Brahms. The trio has recently won the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2022.

Marc Parrot is a well-known Catalan composer and singer. He will present his eleventh album Els Fets l’Atzar (Random Facts). In this album, Marc Parrot flirts with the idea of ​​starting from scratch. He wants to maintain the desire to keep flying and move away from the traps of the known. Marc Parrot will perform on the Jardi del Trunk which got its name because of the prominent presence of the tree Trunk Bench by Jurgen Bey. Also art works by other Dutch artists will be showcased, such as Jan Rothuizen, Maarten Baas and Marjan Laaper.

CAN REON Wild Life

CAN REON is situated in the hills of Tiana, a natural, wild environment which we respect, and which inspires us. This means that there will never be loud music and sometimes we even program silence, for example when we hold bird song workshops. We want to understand the flora and fauna of the landscape and to add new qualities to it. Currently we are observing – with wildlife cameras - the wildlife that visits us at night. On event #1 we will present the first results, in a video featuring all the animals we have spotted.

Reality Check by Olphaert den Otter

At Droog Gallery we are preparing the exhibition Reality Check. It will be a solo by Dutch artist Olphaert den Otter. For the first time an exhibition with paintings only is presented at Droog. Den Otter paints reality but his works are not realistic. He writes texts for every painting but his writing is never literally focused on the artwork itself, it’s going far beyond. They are reflections on reality, just as the paintings are. His work is deeply engaged with topic such as climate change, migration and homelessness. The exhibition opens on 10 November.

Image: Marjan Laaper


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