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NOW LOOK HERE: Interactive Artist Talks

As part the exhibition NOW LOOK HERE - The African Art of Appearance, an afternoon of interactive artists talks will take place on Saturday 25th of January. Almost all participating artists are in Amsterdam for the opening weekend. Ama van Dantzig (co-founder of Dr Monk.) hosts the afternoon.

Eighteen contemporary artists from across the African continent will be in Amsterdam for the opening of the exhibition NOW LOOK HERE - The African Art in Appearance. They are imagemakers who use outer appearances to tell a deeper story. With irony, beauty and style, they tilt the image of Africa.

A selection of these artists will join us for an afternoon of interactive artist talks on 25th January. They will share their drives, motivations and inspiration with the audience while also exchanging ideas with some artists from the African diaspora in The Netherlands.

The talks are moderated by Ama van Danzig (Dr. Monk) and will be held in the pop-up exhibition space in Amsterdam-Noord> New North > Asterweg 17, from 14.00 – 17:00 hrs. The talks give you the exclusive chance to meet the artist and get to know their work even closer.

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