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New Beginnings

The time has come to present you my new, long-term project. The first project ever, I am doing with my husband Leon. CAN REON is the new name for and old location. «CAN» is part of the tradition. «REON» represents the new, it’s obviously the first and last letters of our names. Together, we committed to revitalising this 777 year old farm (Masia) with the vineyard and its grounds. Let me tell you the story.

A few years ago, we bought the old Masia and vineyard in the hills of Tiana, Catalunya, near Barcelona. We wanted to turn it into a restaurant with rooms. BIG, the studio of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels who opened a branch in Barcelona, proposed some exciting interventions in the old building and designed an additional structure. We are now in the process of waiting for the permits to make this ambitious project happen.

But we did not sit still. We started a historical research in order to discover the Masia and its vineyard's history. We discovered that the first records of the vineyard date to 1245. Then we started to revitalize the vineyards that had been abandoned for eight years. A bit later we discovered a disused quarry in the middle of the forest which looked like an auditorium. And we decided to work in reverse. First the music and then the rest.

Now we have converted the quarry into a music venue with a capacity of 300 people. It’s called La Pedrera (the Catalan word for quarry). And the first concert just took place with performances by the Catalonian pianist Marco Mezquida and the Dutch techno artist Colin Benders. I share with you some images of the event here below.

A new event has been scheduled for the 10th of September: CAN REON festival with Carles Viarnes and Alba G. Corral as main act.

So what started as an idea for a restaurant with rooms, resulted in an ambitious concept for a rural hotel and sustainable restaurant with wine, music events, art and design.

See you soon!

Image: Hadders & Grusson

Images: 1 and 3 Miquel Monfort. 2 Thijs Wolzak


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