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Moving In Between

In my work I have always been interested in what is in-between: between old and new, local and universal, technology and nature, perfection and imperfection, opportunity and threat, imagination and reality. What at first glance seems like opposites, turns out to be cross-pollination, the foundation of creativity. And now with CAN REON in Tiana this is even more visible and almost tangible.

At the end of the Summer we will be presenting the first edition of the CAN REON Festival in the hills of Tiana (Barcelona area), the festival that in my opinion touches base with the notion of the "in between". Contemporary music, dance, visual arts will meet in the middle of and interacting with rural nature. The festival lasts one long evening and promises to offer an innovative, cutting edge and eclectic program of concerts, performances, art installations and happenings, all accompanied by excellent wine and a variety of Dutch/Catalan tapas.

Miquel Barcelona Dance company will dance on the theme of Spanish Civil War around the Tree Trunk Bench designed by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey. Amsterdam based performer and composer Genevieve Murphy with her band will give a concert in which she explores the idea of empathy using dance music, electronic pop songs and free improvisation in the outdoor space of La Pedrera (old quarry). Berlin based Marco Barotti will present his robotic Woodpeckers, creating an infinite soundscape that interacts with the visitor's mobile phones. And there will be an immersive performance of pianist and composer Carles Viarnes and digital artist Alba G.Corral, both from Barcelona. Next to these performances there will be art and videos work by Cristina Lucas, Maarten Baas, Jan Rothuizen and more. We will also install night cameras in the forest to show what visitors accompany our guests at night.

Moving between the old and the new, between the local and the universal, between technology and nature, I want to create a new experience for all the senses. I would love to invite you to come on 10 September to Tiana and join this experience.

Image: Robotic Woodpeckers by Marco Barotti


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