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Let's talk about face masks!

Lockdown, day 50 From my home in Tiana, Spain. Let's talk about face masks! They came in our mail two weeks ago. Distributed by the municipality. The mask is quite a thing. Not only because of the stares and bullying, the shady practices and the lack of it in the Netherlands, but also because there are different opinions about its usefulness. Wearing a face mask provides a false sense of security, many experts say. I also hear that although they don't offer sufficient protection, they can hold away some of the virus droplets in the air. Another thing I hear is that you should only wear a mask if you're infected yourself and can pass it on to others. Everyone agrees that face masks are not a substitute for social distance. This is also explicitly stated on the leaflet that came with ours. But what if you're in a place where it's impossible to keep distance? In Belgium and Germany, wearing a face mask is now mandatory in public transport, and in Germany in shops as well. Here in Spain, use in public transport is recommended. I don't like wearing a mask. It's hot and stuffy. In the supermarket here, literally everyone is wearing it. We do it as well, false security or not, it still gives a sense of protection. We also wear the masks out of courtesy, out of solidarity. It is a signal: yes, we too are careful in the fight against the virus. And should we unexpectedly be infected ourselves, we will not pass it on to others. Being in the company of people with white, sterile face masks doesn't make shopping more fun. It's like you're in a hospital. I wonder when trendy masks will determine the street. The first colourful pieces around the nose and mouth have already appeared. We are also creating masks at Droog, of course according to the regulations. We can expect fashion designers busy creating a new fashion image for the current situation. Will we see hip masks, crinolines and shoulder caps on the catwalk next year? The 2019 spring presentation of Victor & Rolf was visionary in this regard. The models were wrapped in huge trapezoidal dresses that read "I'm not shy, I just don't like you." In Corona times you don't need words. The dresses are ready to wear.


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