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Full program: CAN REON Festival - 27 May

We are one month away from the CAN REON festival and I am happy to share with you the full program of the event. On Saturday May 27, the CAN REON wine farm will transform into a stage for contemporary music, dance and visual arts. Moving between the old and the new, between the local and the universal, between technology and nature, CAN REON creates a new experience for all the senses. All will be happening in the hills of Tiana (Barcelona Area).

Herwig Ilegem – “Head to Head” - Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, The Netherlands


Concerts & performances:

Carles Viarnès & Alba G. Corral (Barcelona) – Composer & digital artist

Genevieve Murphy (Amsterdam) – Composer and performer

Miquel Barcelona Company (Barcelona) – Contemporary dance

Art installations:

Marco Barotti (Berlin) – Media artist / Interactive live soundscape

Cristina Lucas (Madrid) – Multidisciplinary artist / Video

Herwig Ilegems (Belgium) – Actor & artist / Video

Marjan Laaper (Rotterdam) – Visual artist / Video

Jurgen Bey (Rotterdam) – Designer / Object

Jan Rothuizen (Amsterdam) – Artist / Drawing

and more. The tickets going fast, so if you are curious and want to join the event, get your ticket here. |

Performance: Carles Viarnès & Alba G. Corral – “Hyper_O” The artistic collaboration between the contemporary pianist Carles Viarnès and the visual artist Alba G. Corral is already a long-standing relationship. Forged in festivals such as Eufònic and confirmed in venues such as the Palau de la Música or Sónar +D, where they offered a unique immersive show, both together create a sensory universe that invites reflection on the relativity of time and where the beauty of the uselessness of art is explored. His creativity also merged into the video “Collige Virgo Rosas”, with music by Carles composed from the images generated by Alba. This 2023 they premiere a new collaboration around “Hyper_O”, the new album by Carles Viarnès based on Gregorian modes and where a singular and innovative instrument, the hyperorgan, takes center stage.

Genevieve Murphy – “I Don’t Want To Be An Individual On My Own” Genevieve Murphy is a composer and performer known to combine performance art/visual art with contemporary classical music. Dive into her playful, theatrical storytelling, in this specially adapted concert performance of her theater piece ‘I Don’t Want To Be An Individual On My Own’. Recalling a drama-filled birthday party from her childhood, Murphy expresses the emotions of every character in the story, using dance music, electronic pop songs and free improvisation. Her sizzling show is enhanced by her band featuring Andy Moor (guitar), Marta Warelis (synthesizers), John Dikeman (saxophone) and Henning Luther (drums).

Cia. Miquel Barcelona – “Rojos” – Butaca Award 2022 Miquel Barcelona has dance running through his veins. He is at once a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher, a project manager, a thinker, a singer, an actor and a writer. His piece Rojos is the result of a 2-year research on the postwar period of the Spanish Civil War, consisting of 15 immersions in the territory in search of memories of this period. On stage, his Miquel Barcelona company translates this research into contemporary dance, seeking to immerse itself in the memory of the singular space where it is performed.


A post-war period is a universal theme and common fact in the memory of all people, territories and sides. Essentially, the language of dance allows us to offer nonnarrative discourses that evoke collective imaginaries. After all this road travelled through this research that is still alive, and we can recognise this project as a way to listen, to learn, to repair and to make visible.

Since the contact with the territory is part of the nature of the project, we present the site specific version of rojos for nonconventional.

Marco Barotti – “Woodpeckers”

Marco Barotti is a media artist based in Berlin. After music studies at the Siena Jazz Academy, he began merging sound with visual art. His work is driven by a desire to invent an artistic language in which a fictional post-futurist era is expressed through kinetic sound interventions in natural and urban environments.

Within the Festival we can see his live soundscape The Woodpeckers. Robotic woodpeckers transform in real-time the invisible radiations used for mobile communication and wireless technology into audible and visible acoustic drumming patterns. The sonic result is an acoustic auto-generated composition in constant development and variation, induced by the mobile phones of the visitors walking around.

Cristina Lucas – “The People That Is Missing” Multidisciplinary artist Cristina Lucas (1973, Spain) lives and works in Madrid. Often based on extensive research, her work analyses fundamental structures in politics and economics, thereby uncovering and exposing contradictory narratives. Her installations, video works, performances, drawings and photographs are often straightforwardly critical, but also serious, playful and humorous. Her themes range from the role of women religion the patriarchal system in society and the global supremacy of the West, to humankind’s ambition to dominate nature. Rather than looking for easy answers, Cristina Lucas compels us to ask the right questions.

Herwig Ilegem – “Head to Head”

Herwig Ilegems (Belgium,1962) studied at the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in Antwerp and is a visiting professor at the Royal Conervatory in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ilegems is the author, director and art director of critical acclaimed tv-series such as ‘Duts’ and ‘Clinch’ (broadcasted by Belgian public tv-network VRT/Canvas).

His acting career spans dozens of plays, movies and tv-series.

Head to Head

Head to Head is a video installation in which Belgian actor and artist Herwig Ilegems tries to make close contact with animals: a rooster, a peacock, a goat, an ox, a donkey, an alpaca, an eagle owl and a water buffalo. In the end they come head to head. The actor looks the animal in the eye, not from a sense of superiority, but from a perspective of equality.

See you there!


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