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Book presentation @ Droog

Last Tuesday, it was time for the official book presentation of “Renny Ramakers Rethinking Design“. The event took place in the gallery of Droog in Amsterdam, surrounded by the new showcase “What is Design?” by curator Mieke Gerritzen.

The host of the evening was Wim Pijbes, who started the open table discussion with author Aaron Betsky, designer Irma Boom, researcher Juliette Huygen and me. We had an animated talk about the creation of the book, the conversations Aaron and me had about design, the research through the extensive Droog archives and also the question: what’s next?

Halfway through, following a musical intermezzo, designers Marcel Wanders and Jan Konings joined the table. They spoke about how they experienced Droog from the beginning in 1993, discussed how Dutch design has since then become part of a global story, and shared their ideas on the future of design.

So what is next? For me it’s more than design; I am extending my focus, to areas such as the city with Design+Desires, and African contemporary art in my current project N’Golá Festival, always focused on looking at things from a different perspective.

Many thanks to everybody who joined the evening and to the team creating the book and organizing the event!

Photo by Yasmijn Tan.


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