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14/4: Artist Talk Genevieve Murphy and Marijn Lems

We are happy to welcome Genevieve Murphy and Marijn Lems for our last Artist Talk of the series. Wednesday April 14th, live at 17.00h (CET).

From a young age, composer and performer Genevieve Murphy (1988, Scotland) has had a fascination with psychology and the way people interact with each other and form emotional bonds. In her music video Your Feeling, shown in Onward&Upward, she explores what attracts us and what repels us. The song is the first of her album I Don’t want to be an individual on my own. Triggered by experiences growing up with a brother who has autism, this album is about the power of empathy. How can we relate to each other when we all have our individual perspectives on reality? In the performance Genevieve creates an intimate 8D sound landscape, evoking closeness through sound in times of physical distancing. A live version will be shown during the talk.

The talk will be hosted by Marijn Lems, who is a performing arts programmer for theatres and festivals and writer of reviews about theatre and performance art for various journals.


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