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CAN REON: Revitalizing a historic farm through art, design, music, and wine

With CAN REON, I am taking on a new challenge together with my husband Leon Ramakers, revitalizing a historic wine farm in the hills of Tiana, Barcelona area in Spain, and transforming it into a cultural destination that celebrates music, art, and design.

CAN REON is a project that aims to create an experience for all the senses, with an eclectic program of music, art, and design, accompanied by wine and food, taking place all over the site. The program is contemporary, innovative, and cutting edge, while respecting and drawing inspiration from the wild and natural space of the location.

Central to the project is the revitalization of the vineyards, which date back to 1245, and are situated in the wine growing area of the D.O. Alella. The grapes will maintain the region’s wine heritage while also adding a new blend to create wines full of character. The wine production process is based on ecological agriculture, and the first harvest of the old vines has been promising.

In addition to wine, CAN REON also boasts a program of music and art. The kickoff of the music program in May 2022 was a magical evening with Barcelona-based composer and pianist Marco Mezquida, and Dutch techno-artist Colin Benders, performing in the outdoor space of La Pedrera (the old quarry).

Visual artists and designers have been commissioned to make work for the location, and artists in residence are invited. The first art pieces have been installed, including a new version of the famous tree trunk bench by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey, with its bronze-cast classic chairbacks inserted in a huge dead tree found on the grounds. Visitors are greeted by a map of the area, drawn by Dutch artist Jan Rothuizen based on his observations from walking around Tiana and talking with passersby. The CAN REON entrance gate has been designed by Dutch designers Edith Gruson and Gerard Hadders, inspired by the Can Reon logo, designed by Cathal MacKee.

Currently, the project is waiting for the permit to carry out the plan developed in collaboration with the world’s leading architectural studio, BIG. The original house will be carefully restored, using as many of the original elements as possible. The BIG team proposed some exciting interventions, most prominently a completely new inner courtyard.

Also, an additional new structure will be added to complete the restaurant facilities.

CAN REON is a project that celebrates the beauty of the location, the heritage of the vineyards, and the transformative power of design, music, and art.

The first CAN REON Festival has been scheduled for May 27, 2023.


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