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Awarded the IJ-prize

By surprise, I, together with my husband Leon, have received this year's IJ-prize of the city of Amsterdam and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. The prize is awarded each year to a person who has given an important contribution to the city. This year is the first time the prize is given to a couple. I am deeply honoured to be recognized for work on something as important as the international reputation and cultural and entrepreneurial fervour of the city of Amsterdam. In a special evening programme in the gallery @ Droog, the prize was awarded to as by the Amsterdam councelor. The evening also featured talks by filmmaker and artists Renzo Martens, Kevin ‘Blaxtar’ de Randamie, word-artist and entrepreneur, and Marco de Souza, initiator of the Leerorkess. It ended in the cafe @ Droog with a musical performance by the Leerorkest.


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